We Help Small Businesses Grow Their Local SEO And Searchability.

Local SEOhub provides proven and manageable SEO and PPC services for small businesses throughout the world.  Our focus is on local SEO for small businesses. We value honesty, transparency, and long lasting partnerships. Throughout the website we offer lots of free information as well as success stories.  Join us today to grow your business.


Local SEOhub platform overview

Simply put, any small business that offers a service to the public needs to be seen by their wanted clients more often to continue business.  With our experience and local business SEO focus, you can grow your business – without the huge spend.

The best solution for local seo and ppc for small businesses anywhere, including ppc and website modifications.

Ongoing reports and SEO Dashboard just for you

100% transparency throughout the entire partnership.  We make sure that your campaigns are accessible and progressing… all for a price lower than most competitors.

A FOCUS on Local SEO and PPC

Our site is dedicated to the nearly 30 million small businesses out there.  Not only do we offer SEO and PPC services, but also give free info, webinars, and other forms of SEO driven education.  Our goal is to give you as much info as possible while also being leaders in the Local SEO field.


We focus on Local SEO for a reason.  We feel we are the best at it and help not only with SEO, but websites and PPC.  Our goal has always been simple: Give our clients everything they need to succeed and more.


We are constantly on the look out for new updates to Google’s search algorithm.  Things that were routine 5 years ago are now frowned upon.  The game is always changing.  We make sure our team members are at the top of their game and send them to SEO events each year.


Direct contact with your rep is vital, as well as having direct access to your campaigns.  We give you both and streamline the process using chat communication via Slack so life is easier for you.


It’s very simple, SEO can be a 3 month to the top journey or longer.  Once you get there, you get a consistent return of investment for as long as you are in business.  Our goal has always been the same, over deliver and make sure you are ready to scale your business.  Your success is ours and we do not take that lightly.  We are excited to become your partner in business.

What Makes Local SEO HUB cloud Different?

We partner with you not only on getting your business to the top of google search, but also on how to scale your business after.

We’ve hit this goal numerous times for our clients. But we take things much further than most SEO companies do, we focus on the after shock as well.  For some keywords you may start getting an extra 30 calls a month… and in some cases per day!  How do you handle this? Let us help.  We get you set up with email, text and voicemail automation as well as helping you build out Standard Operating Procedures for sales, set up and more. This is why we pay very close attention to each step of the lead flow so you can close more, spend less, and execute strategies to increase your ROI.

We understand SEO in and out.  Not only do we always adhere to white hat principals, but we also are always attending SEO events and checking in on Google’s Algorithm.  We understand this and set up and optimize your SEO campaign accordingly.

Because of this we always follow set guidelines so we know we can rank you and your business on the first page.

The Leading Visionary in Local Business SEO

We understand that ROI based digital marketing begins with having the right strategy in place. That’s why we offer a free SEO audit as well as check your website to make sure it is up to date.  Want a new website? We can help with that as well.

Local SEOhub Comparison

See why Local SEO HUB cloud beats the rest and is the best choice for growing your local business

Feel secure with our month to month plans

SEO can be one of the best spends your business ever makes!

At Local SEOhub, our team of local SEO marketing experts fully understand how important Return On Investment is for local businesses. Not only that, but how local businesses need to scale appropriately.  You get proven SEO and then continued support after to make sure your business thrives.  What other companies do that?  Let us partner with you for years not months!  Let’s grow together.

Schedule your FREE SEO audit with Local SEO HUB 

At Local SEOhub, we take great pride in being one of the best local seo agencies on the World Wide Web. With our professional and focused team of experts working on many local businesses for over 1o years, we have built up an incredible group of clients that are happy with our Local SEO services and have continued to work with us over the years.  Look forward to working with you!