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Front Line Flags


Front Line Flags is one of the largest online vendors of flags, flagpoles, and related accessories. They have a large stock of flags in a variety of fabrics, qualities, and sizes as well as flagpoles, patriotic decorations, and flag accessories.

Front Line Flags

The prime goal of Front Line Flags was to generate traffic. For this, they struggled a lot with the organic rankings.

Since December 2021, we have started working with them to get them the desired results.
We analyzed the website and researched the best broad keywords with moderate competition.
Initially, these were the keywords’ KPIs.

Front Line Flags - Keywords Performance

We first fixed the errors that existed on the website. We started optimizing the website’s On-Page SEO and Core Web Vitals. With a strategic natural link-building process, we achieved first-page positions on Google for 60% of the keywords within six months in June 2022.

Front Line Flags - Keywords Performance
Wedding Tropics

Wedding Tropics


They are beach wedding attire designers and manufacturers serving  since 2006. They have served nearly 50,000 weddings over the years, which is a huge deal.

They were already strong in the market. But on the internet, they were nowhere to be found. It was a big challenge as their industry was highly competitive.

We started working with them on October 21. They were using very heavy and complex CSS and third-party scripts. So it was getting harder to access their website. We configured the whole website design and made it easy to access. We finalized 50 keywords to target with the website.

Initially, all of these keywords were not on Google. Check their initial KPIs.

Wedding Tropics - Keywords Before

For this website we applied completely different approach. We created and published blogs and syndicated the blog posts across the internet. We implemented strategic internal link structure with regards to our targeted keywords. With this we generated huge amount of organic traffic on the blog posts. And within 4 months, we have got 70% keywords on the first page of Google Results and all targeted keywords were in top 20.


Wedding Tropics - Keywords After

Mobile Trainers


Mobile Trainers are a group of personal fitness trainers serving in Dallas and Scottsdale. They have both male and female fitness trainers to suit the comfort of the customers.

Mobile Trainers

The challenge here was to promote the business in local. They started in Scottsdale but they wanted to cover all neighborhoods of Scottsdale, Phoenix, Plano, Dallas.

These were their initial keywords KPIs

Mobile Trainers - Keywords Before

We have targeted the keywords locally and synchronized the GMB Profile with the link-building techniques. With the process we have reached on the first page within 3 months.

Mobile Trainers - Keywords After

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