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Our Proven Real Estate SEO can help you sell your products

Global events are triggered by the Coronavirus pandemic, which has impacted all industries. The countrywide lockdown has nearly stopped real estate from moving forward. There are also social distancing and social disengagement measures that are in place throughout the country. Buyers and sellers fear that they will be unable to sell their homes. This has led to a halt in property visits and deferred purchasing decisions. Unsold inventory makes it difficult for businesses to continue as normal. The sentiment of all real-estate stakeholders is at an all-time low, it is not surprising.

Businesses must also find a way through the most difficult circumstances. We can learn a lot from successful businesses and those who continue to work in a new way. Virtual selling is the new norm and virtual home tours will soon be the next big thing. This allows buyers to view houses from the safety and comforts of their homes.

Our Proven Real Estate SEO strategies that can sell your products

1. Optimize your site for the right keywords 

SEO strategy is built on keyword research and selection. Three fundamental principles are required for keyword selection: the intent of the searcher and keyword volume. For more targeted and relevant traffic, it is a good idea to include long-tail keywords. A skilled SEO expert can help you narrow down the keywords that are most relevant to each of your properties.

2. Focus on local SEO 

This is a different approach to regular SEO. It means that results will be included in local listings. This also has the advantage that searchers prefer to look for local real estate companies. It is possible to create content around local keywords. This will ensure that all directory listings have been claimed and are current. You also need to make sure your business details (such as an address, contact number, and website) are consistent across all online platforms, including social media, Google My Business, Google My Business, and Google My Business. It will help to have a local business schema on your website.

3. Post regular streams of reviews on social and search

When it comes to getting people to inquire about your services, word-of-mouth referrals are still the best. Real estate companies can use this strategy to build credibility and increase their online presence. Get more reviews, and keep them updated on your website. This will help you boost your local SEO efforts. Searchers are more inclined to click on links that have higher ratings in local results.

4. Make use of video and photo content

You should ensure that all property listings have good photos and videos, as virtual home tours are set to boom. This will enhance the listing, as well as improve the searcher experience and help you get more leads. It is a proven fact that listings with photos or videos get more leads than those without them. This is something you should take advantage of.

5. Optimize your website for mobile

India’s mobile internet users are increasing in number and frequency. Many property searches begin on smartphones. Not only should you have the relevant content and information readily visible on your mobile site, but it also needs to be user-friendly. To make your mobile website more accessible for browsing on the go, you need to ensure that videos and photos load quickly. Load times are a key factor in how many visitors stay.

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