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Give your senior living website a boost with our Senior Living SEO services

It can be difficult to attract more residents into your assisted-living, retirement or dementia community. It can be difficult for seniors to choose the right option, even though there are many options.

Our Senior Living SEO services can make your website the number one destination!

Why is SEO important for senior living?

For our Senior living SEO campaigns we use a combination data-driven knowledge with expert intuition. These campaigns increase the chances that potential residents will find your site using their preferred search engine. Our analytics show that people will not scroll past the first page of results when searching for something specific. It is essential that your senior living website appears on the first page search results. Potential clients want to be able to quickly find the senior living or assisted facilities they are searching for.

LocalSEOHUb can increase your website’s rank on search engines. We will ensure that your website contains all the information and content that search engines are looking for. These algorithms search for:

  • Modern layout and design
  • Targeted keywords
  • Inbound link volume
  • Unique content

Seniors and their families need to be able find you quickly and easily via major search engines. To help them find you and similar sites, we analyze their search terms. Our content team will then place these words in the appropriate places on the website of your senior living community. Potential residents will be more inclined to contact you if they find your website easier and are more engaged with the content.

Aggressive Senior Living SEO is a Must

Your facility should be distinctive. When it comes to senior living options, competitive intelligence is key. There are many brands and communities competing for the same market space, which is limited to a small number of retired people. Our Senior Living SEO strategies consider what key competitors are doing in your target audience to determine what you need to do to surpass them using highly relevant search terms.

SEO is essential for your Senior Living Website.

People of all ages use the internet to search, buy, and discuss everything in their lives.

SEO gives you an advantage over your competition by ensuring your website is found by users searching for terms such as “assisted living near me” or “55+ living community”.

Search engine optimization can make or break your chances of securing new business. Companies are moving away from old, outdated tactics.

LocalSEOHub is the Best Choice for Senior Living SEO Marketing

We know that selecting the right SEO agency can be difficult. We want to make it easier for you by helping to get to know us better and to show you what makes our company different.

  • Industry experience Having worked with assisted living and memory care communities, we are familiar with how to best serve your target audience.
  • Our reliable team – We are all in-house experts who work together to create strategies, content and ideas that will provide quality services.
  • Transparency We want to establish a trusting relationship with you, so we can show you real data and keep you informed about the progress of your campaign.
  • Services – We can provide SEO services for senior living communities, as well as paid advertising, web design and email marketing.
  • Results driven Our number one priority when working with you, is to bring in solid leads and turn them into residents. All we do is to fill your sales pipeline and help your community grow.

SEO Services for Senior Care Facilities

We can help you get your website to the top of search engines using these senior living SEO strategies.

Writing Content

Are there key pages on your site that are specific to the services you offer? Are there pages that target specific cities or locations? These are just a few questions we ask when creating a senior community content strategy. We can help you optimize your content, add to it by focusing on keywords that you want to rank for and supplement it with blog posts that will further attract seniors to the website.

Conversion Optimization and Design

Your website’s layout can make a big difference in generating more leads. While getting people to your site is important, it is not enough to get them to contact you. We have a background in design and can help you determine what strategic changes should make to your website. This could include moving forms, adding calls-to-action, or any other type of modification.

Technical adjustments

You can make your website more attractive to Google and other users by performing a variety of actions behind-the scenes. There are many options to improve your online presence, including adding schema and using metadata titles and descriptions.

Goal tracking measurement

We have already mentioned that conversion tracking is an important part of SEO. It will help you monitor the success and failure of your campaign. We can set up Google Analytics on your site, adjust web forms and place goal tracking in your account.

Photo Optimization

A showcase of your campus and facilities is an important part in attracting people to your community. Multiple photos are key to attracting residents to your community. However, these photos could not contain the right metadata to help search engines better “read” them. Your website’s speed can also impact search engine rankings.

Backlink Building

Link building is a key part of our senior living community strategy. This is when other websites link to your site. We have had great success with this process. You can do this through guest posts, directories, or other local businesses that you have a relationship with. More backlinks can increase your Google trust and improve your ranking.

Local SEO

We can help you rank higher on Google Maps, as well as rank for key phrases like “senior living close to me”, and we can also perform local search engine optimization techniques like managing your local listings and local link building to improve your online presence within the communities that you live in.

Brand Awareness

The content we create for you will be used by us to get backlinks from other local businesses. This will help to build your authority locally and make you more well-known nationally. Our tools allow us to find unlinked mentions for your brand so that you receive proper acknowledgment.

Get ready to be at the top of the SERP page with LocalSEOHub’s Senior Living SEO services. Connect with us for further details! 

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