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Local SEO Hub has vast experience in providing SEO services for travel websites and hotel SEO marketing solutions. We also have extensive knowledge of working with government tourism website assets from many countries. We have a wealth of experience in technical SEO and can provide the highest quality services for travel SEO. Our passion for travel is evident in all of our travel SEO campaign results.

Travel & Accommodation SEO Strategy Basics

Although SEO strategies for hotel and travel websites can seem overwhelming, there are some essential elements that you simply can’t afford to leave out. The hospitality industry is in fierce competition for customers’ attention, brand trust, and conversions.

SEO is necessary for travel and accommodation

Researching trips online is a common method of planning for leisure travellers and business travellers alike. A smart strategy for travel SEO can make your business more visible online to these people. Paid search is a great way to target a potential audience. There are huge opportunities for hotels and travel businesses to get organic search placement.

This industry requires data-backed SEO research and a well-planned SEO strategy.

SEO for the Travel Industry

We can help you increase your website traffic, attract new customers, and increase hotel bookings and tour reservations.

We use advanced search engine optimization techniques to ensure your travel agency ranks number one on Google and other major search engines within a matter of hours.

  • Increase the visibility and rankings of your search results.
  • Tracking of results and advanced reporting
  • Improvements in CTR, conversions, and time on site
  • Rapid growth in traffic and hotel/tour reservations
  • Be featured on leading travel websites and blogs.

Booking and conversion optimization

Local SEO Hub can help increase traffic to your website from the target audience, increase CTR, and increase conversions and bookings. Book your hotel and complete the tour.

  • Your travel website can convert more bookings.
  • Your services are more popular with your target audience.
  • Reduced cost per conversion.

Why choose Local SEO Hub to do Hospitality SEO?

We have something to offer:

A sound website structure makes your website easy for search engine robots to crawl through. This is crucial for SEO.

Quality Branded Content: We create quality content that is both engaging and SEO-friendly.

Local SEO Implementation: You must have strong local SEO strategies to reach as many local customers as possible near your hotel.

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