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Establish a Strong Review Management with Local SEO Hub

opinion g2a17af1cc 1280Getting strong word-of-mouth for your business is more crucial than ever in today’s digital age. People are now using online review platforms such as Google, Yelp!, and a slew of others to voice their opinions instead of speaking up in person. 84 percent of consumers trust internet evaluations as much as personal recommendations from individuals they know, according to Inc. Positive customer evaluations may be the most efficient form of marketing for your company.

Local Seo Hub is an online reputation management service that encourages your customers to spread the word about your company on the review sites that matter. Our system allows you to politely request and remind consumers for feedback, as well as guide them through the online review process and reach out to disappointed customers before they leave a negative review.

We decide which review sites should be prioritised for your company, as well as the amount of reviews required to produce the desired impact. We’ll also try to identify clients who are most likely to leave favourable evaluations of your product or service, and guide them to the review platforms with the most visibility in promoting your business.

Our Review Management Services Have the Following Features:

  • Manage all customer reviews in one place, including how to reply to a dissatisfied consumer.
  • Publish your top testimonials on your website.
  • For more reviews, provide an easy mechanism for customers to post a review on your website, or automate an email, SMS, or MMS drip campaign.
  • Provide extensive demographic information about your users.
  • Make a list of your present internet reputation’s alerts and reports.

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