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alexander shatov 9Zjd7PE FRM unsplash scaledMost businesses have discovered that, when used correctly, social media can be an effective sales tool. The issue is that many businesses lack a clear understanding of how to effectively use paid social media efforts to generate results. We can connect social media with the rest of your B2B advertising efforts to help you drive sales and generate highly targeted leads with our LinkedIn marketing services.

As a B2B networking tool, LinkedIn shines, generating awareness for high-quality prospects who are most likely to become customers. You may fully utilise LinkedIn’s potential with our assistance by targeting decision makers based on their unique industries, company size, or interest in specialist topics.

How Our LinkedIn Marketing Service Works


Strategy for LinkedIn Ads

If you don’t have a well-thought-out plan in place, you won’t get any results from your social media campaign. We assess the present state of social media and content offerings in your sector, then determine where opportunities exist. Following that, we collaborate with you to establish which buyer personas we should target with LinkedIn and develop a plan that focuses on decision-makers.

Sponsored Content

We concentrate our efforts on the most effective advertising alternatives on LinkedIn, which include Sponsored Updates and Direct Sponsored Content. We set up ad campaigns using LinkedIn’s dynamic targeting capabilities to get you in front of potential customers with a precision that no other B2B channel can match. When it comes to deciding which company demographics and LinkedIn groups to target, our professional team gets as specific as possible. These campaigns are then used to advertise blog posts, ebooks, guides, and other special offers. To attract leads for asset downloads and other offerings, we can develop personalised, responsive landing sites.

InMail with a Sponsor

Sponsored InMail on LinkedIn allows you to deliver customised email messages to your target demographic. SponsoredIn Mail is a wonderful method to get more people to sign up for a webinar or event, or to promote content assets to prospects. Sponsored InMail is more effective than an email blast because it will only be sent to prospects who are active on LinkedIn, raising click-through rates and conversions. Using creative subject lines, thought leadership content, and crisp presentation across all devices, our content marketing team creates compelling emails that captivate prospects’ attention.

Creating Content

As a content platform, LinkedIn has grown substantially and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. We assist you with all aspects of content development, including finding subjects based on current industry trends, writing and editing content, and releasing it on your behalf. We also write LinkedIn articles and long-form material that you may utilise to promote deals across the network.

Analytical Integration

To give you a better understanding of your visitors’ activity, we combine LinkedIn marketing with your other marketing tools, as well as Google Analytics. Every month, we send a full report outlining what worked, what didn’t, and what strategic improvements we need to make for the following month’s campaign.

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