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Google is still the market leader in search engine marketing, but Bing Ads (which offers pay-per-click advertising services through the Bing search engine) still holds a significant share of the market. If your company only advertises on Google, you’re missing roughly 17 percent of Bing’s search engine market.

Local Seo Hub’s PPC experts can help you with all aspects of Bing Ads management, from tracking setup to content creation.

Why should your company use Bing ads?

Bing Ads can be a great way for you to get traffic and leads from people who don’t use Google. Bing Ads is less popular than Google, which means that the cost to reach millions of customers and generate leads is much lower.

Why choose local SEO Hub for your Bing Ads Campaign Management

Blue Corona employs a dedicated team of PPC specialists who have years of experience optimizing Bing Ads campaigns across a variety of industries. To better manage an account, our PPC specialists will work closely with the account manager to understand every aspect of a client’s business model.

  • The sales funnel of the client
  • The ratio of lead-to-sale
  • The ratio of visit-to-lead
  • Margins of profit for every product or service sold

Our knowledge of the client’s sales funnel allows us to determine the best bids and the lowest cost per lead. We are passionate about making the client’s company ours and have years of experience in PPC management. This makes advertising cost-effective with great reach and potential.

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